The OVO brand is the result of many years of experience in the interior design field. It’s the result of hundreds of meetings, thousands of days of search, millions of ideas. This is the answer to the growing need to surround oneself with unique objects, designed in every detail. This is a consequence of the search for solutions that grow with spaces. It’s innovation. It is the use of unique, best materials. It is a unique combination of work of people who create a unique product – a wall panel. Thanks to the involvement of the whole team in the OVO project, we are able to offer the availability of our products in our online boutique, as well as through carefully selected distributors and architects; you will also find us in selected showrooms. The OVO brand is made up of 2 unique collections: ovo+ and shapes.

The quality of our products is based on cooperation with carefully selected designers who use the highest quality materials from manufacturers.

Our collections: ovo +, shapes

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